How can we assist you?

Choosing the right watch can be difficult, and there are often questions we can’t answer clearly on the website. In these cases, contact us and we’ll be happy to help. Below are some commonly asked questions that may help you make your choice. 

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Who’s behind Formex?

What makes Formex Swiss-made watches special?

Shopping Questions

Who do I contact if I have questions about the ordering process?

What happens if a model is currently not available?

How can I stay informed about special deals and new model releases?

What level of quality can I expect from FORMEX?

How do I buy a FORMEX watch?

Where can I buy Formex watches and accessories?

Straps & Bracelets

Can I adapt the strap size myself?

Can I change a FORMEX strap by myself?

Do all straps and bracelets in the online store fit all watch models?

Gift Options

Can I add a note to the gift?

Can I have the watch sent to somebody else’s address?

Can I order a FORMEX wrapped as a Gift?


Is the credit card payment option safe?

What payment options are available?


Can I pick up my order at your offices?

What happens if I’m not home when my shipment arrives?

Can I track my shipment?

Is my shipment covered by insurance?

Do I have to pay additional taxes and duties when receiving a FORMEX watch?

Do I have to pay for shipping?


I ordered the wrong watch/accessory. What now?

Can I return my watch?

Can I return my strap/clasp/other accessories?

When can I return a watch and expect a full refund?

Can I return my watch if I want to change order modalities?

What happens to my payment after I send the watch back?

Service and Repairs

Where should I send my watch for repairs?

What’s covered by the Warranty?

How do I take care of my FORMEX correctly?

How often should a quartz watch be serviced?

How often should a mechanical watch be serviced?