• essence SPACE GOLD

    In a world’s first, we have been able to plate 18k rose gold onto a meteorite. The outcome? Nothing short of spectacular. Get one of the first 100 numbered pieces now.


  • FIELD Automatic

    With a dive-watch style screw down crown, an extra hard coated titanium case and a water resistance of 150 meters, the Formex Field Automatic is the perfect watch for any mission


  • Voted #1 micro brand

    64 brands. One winner… Formex was voted #1 in the 2023 edition of the Micro Tournament on the watch enthusiast forum WatchCrunch. Thank you all for your incredible support, comments and countless votes over the past few weeks.


  • essence Worn & Wound

    Introducing a very special collaborative collection created with NYC-based online watch magazine Worn & Wound. Discover a watch from another world…


  • “Baby” Reef 39.5mm

    Introducing a more compact, smaller version of our popular 300-meter water resistant diver’s collection – or short, the “Baby” Reef. With its tool-free exchangeable bezels and straps, the Reef stands out as one of the market’s most versatile mechanical dive watches and now also fits comfortably on smaller wrists.


Find Your Perfect Swiss Made Watch

Formex watches are available in different styles, colors and materials. Find the perfect Swiss Made watch for your wrist today:



  • CASE

  • DIAL


Innovating Swiss Precision. Made For The Enthusiast

With strong roots in high-end watch manufacturing, Formex produces Swiss Made luxury timepieces that meet the highest standards of quality and precision within the industry. All Formex watches are equipped with unique engineered features that provide them with unparalleled functionality, comfort, and durability.

One such feature is our patented Case Suspension System, which serves as the ultimate shock absorption system to protect the precision mechanical movement that powers the watch, while simultaneously providing unparalleled comfort on your wrist by allowing the watch case itself to flex and move with the natural motion of your arm. Formex watches combine traditional Swiss mechanical timekeeping with cutting-edge materials and advanced manufacturing technologies to create high-performing luxury watches that represent the evolution in Swiss watchmaking and embody the intersection between tradition and technology.


Family-owned Swiss watch Manufacture

Formex Watch SA is an independent family-owned watch manufacture based in Switzerland’s famous watch city of Biel/Bienne. We are passionate about horology and have been committed to advancing the technology within this industry since our company was first founded back in 1999. Our Swiss luxury watches are crafted to the most exacting standards of quality and they are designed, developed, and assembled entirely in Switzerland with the absolute highest levels of attention to detail.

We Never Stop Innovating

Swiss watches often place an emphasis on history and tradition, but our approach to fine watchmaking also requires us to remain on the cutting edge of modern materials and advanced manufacturing technologies. This allows us to produce increasingly resilient watches and push the boundaries of what is possible with precision mechanical timekeeping.

Our innovations are always created to increase the functionality of our Swiss watches and add real value to you, such as our Quick Release Systems that allow users to switch straps in just a few seconds and without the use of any tools. Similarly, our ultra-lightweight carbon fiber watch clasps allow you to gradually adjust the length of your strap, so that it perfectly fits your ever-changing wrist circumference throughout the day and provides you with noticeably improved comfort and a custom tailored fit.

"Swiss brand Formex has managed to create a versatile mechanical watch with a rather distinctive design at a very attractive price point". Roger Ruegger, Editor-in-Chief WatchTime USA

"Great value to price ratio. Formex gets a lot of the little details right, and the case suspension system is genuinely cool." Ariel Adams, Founder of aBlogtoWatch.com

Formex: Where Tradition Meets Technology

Many individuals appreciate Swiss watches for their precision mechanical movements, which carry on a traditional approach to timekeeping that has been around for multiple centuries. We agree that a fully mechanical movement represents the true heart of watchmaking, but we also believe that wristwatches can benefit from modern high-performance materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. Carbon fiber case and clasp components allow for ultra-lightweight structures with incredible durability, while ceramic bezels and sapphire crystals offer unparalleled levels of scratch resistance.

Why Swiss Made Watches?

For generations, Switzerland has been regarded as the luxury watch capital of the world, and Swiss Made watches have a reputation for being some of the finest timepieces on Earth. Mechanical watch movements can often consist of dozens or even hundreds of different components that all must work together in perfect harmony in order for a watch to properly function. Since the 16th century, Switzerland has developed an industry-leading expertise in every aspect of timepiece production. In addition to the famous Swiss watch brands themselves, Switzerland is also home to numerous other companies that specialize in the manufacturing and finishing of various individual components that get used by other brands throughout the rest of the luxury watch industry.

Formex Watch SA is a Swiss-owned business with headquarters located in Switzerland’s legendary watch city of Biel/Bienne. All Formex watches are designed, developed, and assembled in-house, and each one features an expertly-crafted dial that is produced entirely in-house by Formex’s very own dial manufacture that is located in the Jura mountains of Switzerland. Each Formex watch proudly features the words “Swiss Made” inscribed upon it, which signifies our everlasting commitment to tradition, precision engineering, and the pursuit of perfection that defines the Swiss watch industry.

Swiss made watches
COSC chronometer certified performance

COSC Chronometer Certified Performance

When it comes to precision timekeeping, the gold-standard is COSC Chronometer Certification. The Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC) is the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute that serves as an independent governing body responsible for certifying the accuracy and precision of Swiss Made watches. Only attainable by movements of the very highest quality that are capable of passing a meticulous 15-day series of tests, the “Chronometer” designation signifies that the individual caliber is capable of achieving the very highest standards of mechanical reliability and timekeeping precision.

Our Swiss Made watches are powered by COSC Chronometer-Certified movements, which guarantees that each one offers the very highest levels of accuracy and performance within the Swiss watch industry. Only about 6% of all the timepieces produced in Switzerland receive the prestigious title of being COSC-Certified Chronometers, and these wristwatches represent some of the most accurate and reliable mechanical timekeeping devices in the entire world.

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