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One of the best ways for watch enthusiasts to discover, learn and engage in this hobby is by watching videos. Especially for reviews, the video format offers an important advantage, because this way a watch can be discovered in action and in real live conditions. Live streaming also becomes increasingly popular, with viewers being able to actively participate and interact with the presenter in real time.

YouTube is the most popular platform for this and we realized that the more we were looking for watch channels, the more we found! In fact, there is a veritable wealth of channels dealing with all aspects of  wrist watches. From reviews and interviews to complete revisions in front of the camera, the watch lover will find everything his heart desires.

Below are some of the best YouTube channels (listed alphabetically) about watches for 2023 that our team enjoys watching. It's important to note that this list is not in any way complete, and there are dozens of other amazing channels that are specifically dedicated to watches.

Average Bros

Average Bros watch youtube channel

Average Bros offers honest, long-format reviews from the perspective of your normal everyday man — namely, your Average Bro. The review channel originally started out as a college project, but it has since grown and evolved into a well-respected source for video reviews that largely focuses on watches. Many of the models featured on the channel are priced on the more affordable side of the spectrum, but you will also find reviews for several more luxury-oriented offerings, along with reviews and videos that cover a variety of other EDC items such as pens or knives.

Adrian Barker

Adrian Baker watch youtube channel

Formerly known as Bark & Jack, Adrian Barker’s YouTube channel is consistently a favorite among many watch collectors due the high-quality visuals and the honest yet friendly demeanor of Adrian Barker who hosts and narrates each one of the videos he releases. Now eponymously named after the creator himself, Adrian Barker’s channel is an excellent source for watch enthusiasts who are looking for informational videos that offer an honest and unbiased opinion about some of the most popular models and frequently discussed topics within the greater watch industry.

Beans And Bezels

Beans and Bezels watch youtube channel

Rather than being a review channel or one centered upon an individual or personality, Beans And Bezels delivers high-quality video footage of watches set to accompanying background music. Most videos are a few minutes in length and rather than offering an opinion or information about the watch, Beans And Bezels presents the information in a largely visual format, allowing viewers to draw their own conclusions about whatever model is the topic of the video, based on what they are seeing in the high-resolution video footage.

Ben’s Watch Club

Bens Watch Club watch youtube channel

Ben’s channel is both entertaining and a valuable source for discovering affordable watches. He’s brutally honest and doesn’t shy away from calling out the “trash”. For example, in one of his videos, he pokes fun at the marketing of Kickstarter watch brands.

Bruce Williams

Bruce Williams watch youtube channel

In addition to straightforward watch reviews, the Bruce Williams YouTube channel is known for doing watch comparisons, which put two similar models against each other that exist at very different price points. Featuring an incredibly diverse assortment of watches at all different budgets, Bruce Williams’ videos incorporate multiple different camera angles, along with shots of the watches being worn in real-life scenarios to offer a detailed look at what the timepieces actually look like when on the wrist.

Britt Pearce

Britt Pearce watch youtube channel

Britt aka Watch Gringa’s videos are fun to watch and give a woman's perspective on all things watches, time pieces & watch collecting. Her motto’s “LIFE IS SHORT! don't take it too seriously!” and that’s how she talks watches. We love it. Britt has been running her channel for just about a year now, with two uploads every week. Although she considers herself “a bit of a mainstream darling”, she also explores the world of microbrands.

El Relojero

El Relojero watch youtube channel

In just a few years, El Relojero became the most prominent watch-related YouTube channel in the Spanish language. Even if you don’t understand Spanish, this channel is a treat for its quality videography. El Relojero, always wearing sunglasses, offers hands-on reviews, educational videos and interviews, mostly about watches in an affordable price range.


Hodinkee watch youtube channel

Hodinkee is running one of the largest watch blogs currently operating within the industry and is also a retailer for many watch brands. They run a YouTube channel that consistently puts out high-quality videos about watches. Along with the usual mix of hands-on reviews, buying guides, and model comparisons, you will also find interviews with famous designers, collectors, and personalities within the industry, and there are even some videos that cover related interests such as music and cars that often intersect with the greater world of watches.

Just One More Watch

Just One More Watch youtube channel

Unlike many of the other channels on this list that are run by secondary market dealers and watch media websites, Just One More Watch is an account run by a single individual named Jody Musgrove. Just One More Watch offers a traditional YouTube style approach to watch videos, that uses Jody’s energetic personality to present trending topics and informational reviews to its viewers. The topics and the type of watches can vary greatly from one video to the next, although many of Just One More Watch’s videos center upon attainable timepieces, and they offer useful information for watch enthusiasts who might be considering adding similar models to their personal collections.

Long Island Watch

Long Island Watch youtube channel

In addition to being a well-known and reputable U.S. retailer for a wide variety of different brands and even producing its own line of budget-friendly watches, Long Island Watch also has a prominent YouTube channel about all things related to watches. Hosted by Mark, who is the owner of Long Island Watch, a new video is added at least every week, and the topics covered in them include everything from news and reviews, to resource information and previews about upcoming watch releases. If you’re new to the hobby, his “Watch and Learn Video Series” provides you with pretty much everything you need to know.

Nick Shabazz
Nick Shabazz watch youtube channel

Nick mostly covers knives and pens, but once in a while also a watch that sits on his wrist. Videos can range in length from short detailed previews of items, to longer in-depth reviews that get into all of the little details. This channel is a pure hobby and Nick is fully transparent whether the stuff in front of him is owned or loaned, meaning that he offers an honest take, including, the good, the great, the bad, and the ugly..

Peter Kotsa
Peter Kotsa watch youtube channel

Peter is a watch enthusiast and a professional photographer. As you might expect, his YouTube channel about watches offers to-tier visuals of whatever model is the topic of that video. Including a variety of different camera angles with details and opinions provided by Peter in a voiceover style format, the channel offers everything from reviews and comparisons to videos about general industry trends and topics.

Random Rob

Random Rob’s reviews offer close-up hands-on footage of watches, with a general emphasis on the more affordable end of the price spectrum. The overall style is relaxed and laid-back, and most videos are easily digestible, lasting several minutes in length and without any long introductions or extended signoffs. The vast majority of the videos are either unboxings or reviews, although you will also find videos relating to news or industry events. Rob also sells watches in his weekly Sunday Funday live streams. .

Roman Sharf
Roman Sharf watch youtube channel

Best known as the Founder and Owner of the pre-owned dealer Luxury Bazaar, Roman Sharf also has a highly popular YouTube channel that is a favorite among many watch enthusiasts. Generally speaking, the models featured on Roman Sharf’s channel are always extremely rare and expensive, and rather than doing reviews or informational videos about them, a lot of the content that Roman Sharf produces is largely intended for entertainment purposes, with its popular “Gray Market” reality series and the various “Challenge” episodes that frequently center upon buying or selling rare watches. That said, Roman Sharf also releases videos with tips and lessons for new dealers and collectors, and while a significant portion of the channel’s videos are pure entertainment for watch enthusiasts, you can also learn plenty of useful information by watching his YouTube channel.

SoCal Watch Reviews
SoCal Watch Reviews

Hosted by Miguel, SoCal Watch Reviews is a YouTube channel dedicated entirely to watches, although alongside reviews and comparisons, you will also find videos that cover a wide variety of different watch-centric topics, such as new releases, industry news, and some of Miguel’s own personal experiences as a watch enthusiast and collector. The variety of watches covered range from budget-friendly offerings to record-breaking auction pieces, and the videos feature a mix of close-up shots, hands-on footage, and Miguel talking to the camera to explain his thoughts and opinions.

Swiss Watch Gang
Swiss Watch Gang youtube channel

Marko’s focus is on haute horology pieces, specifically on pieces that are rare and very unique. For most, his videos are purely for entertainment purposes as the presented pieces are either not for sale or unbelievably expensive, very similar to @supercarblondie’s supercar videos, who’s collection he was able to explore in an episode. His most viewed videos are a series where he looks at luxury watches under a microscope.

Teddy Baldassarre
Teddy Bladassarre watch youtube channel

Teddy has grown to become one of the largest watch content creators, with style, a skilful choice of words and a varied selection of watches. Some of his most trending videos are his series “Watch Shopping with Kevin O’Leary” (aka Mr Wonderful). Interesting are also his interviews with icons like Jean-Claude Biver, or his documentary film about MVMT, where he does not mince his words. Teddy is also a retailer for numerous watch brands and created a separate review channel with watches that he sells.

The Time Teller
The Time Teller watch youtube channel

You either like him, or don’t watch him… Jory Goodman says what he thinks and doesn’t shy away from bold statements. For example… “Don’t trust watch reviewers”. Many of the videos feature Jory talking to the camera with accompanying detailed shots of the watches to help illustrate his talking points, and alongside review and news-related topics, The Time Teller channel also addresses popular watch-related questions and industry trends.

Uhrenratgeber watch youtube channel

Meaning “watch advisor” in German, Uhrenratgeber is one of the most popular YouTube channels about watches in the German language. Hosted by Marcus Finger, Uhrenratgeber also operates an online shop alongside its video production channel, and it even has its own line of watches that he produces. Alongside watch reviews that cover a range of different brands, video topics also include interviews, do-it-yourself instructional videos, recordings of live streams, and visits to various watch manufacturer’s factories.

The Urban Gentry
The Urban Gentry watch youtube channel

This guy must be doing something right with the number of viewers he's got. Neither a retailer nor a blogger, at the time of writing there are over half a million subscribed to his channel. The presenter is a dynamic Brit named TGV and has been producing content since 2014. Originally the channel was designed for all topics that TGV enjoys, from literature, to movies and cinema, and soon the content was taken over by watches. There’s hardly a price range for this enjoyment, as the TGV loves pieces from a $10 Casios to $100k Patek. And we shouldn’t forget about TGV’s old friend Hugo Mountbatten… you’ll see.


Watchbow watch youtube channel

Watchbox is a well-known website that specializes in pre-owned  luxury timepieces, and the company actually operates two separate YouTube channels that consistently put out solid content for watch collectors and enthusiasts. Watchbox Studios is the channel that produces videos covering discussion topics, buying guides, interviews, and comparisons, while Watchbox Reviews focuses on short and information-packed review videos that each offer a quick yet detailed look at specific models that are available for sale on Watchbox’s website.

WatchChris youtube channel

WatchChris is easily one of the more frequently-posting YouTube channels about watches, with new videos uploaded almost every single day. Most videos start out with a quick intro from Chris before getting into detailed hands-on footage of the watches, and most run anywhere from about 5 minutes to 15 minutes in length. The topics covered in the videos themselves consist of a mix of news, reviews, and roundups, which offer a wide assortment of watch-related topics, with a general emphasis on the more affordable side of the greater price spectrum.

Watchfinder & Co.
Watchfinder & Co youtube channel

Watchfinder & Co. is a well-known dealer of pre-owned luxury watches who also happens to have one of the industry’s most popular YouTube channels. Many of the videos produced by Watchfinder & Co. are created for informational and educational purposes, and in addition to comparisons and historical overviews about many of the industry’s top models, you will also find videos dedicated to tips for first-time buyers and even guides on how to spot fake watches. Unlike some watch-related YouTube accounts, Watchfinder & Co. isn’t as much about the personality of the host, but rather aims to present clear and informative videos that serve as resource material for its dedicated group of subscribers.


WatchGecko youtube channel

WatchGecko is a specialist retailer of watches and watch straps (probably mostly known for their Zuludiver straps). Since 2020, the team based in Gloucestershire, UK is one of Formex’s few authorized retailers and the only one in the UK. With their WatchGecko magazine which they have been publishing since 2010, they are definitely not new to creating high-quality content for the watch enthusiast. Having their own photography and videography studio allows them to pair watch knowledge with their highly creative approach. Besides hands-on reviews and first looks, Editor-in-Chief Richard Brown hosts experts and brand reps to provide an interesting mix of horological topics.

Which YouTube channels do you follow and enjoy watching? Which ones have you possibly discovered through this article?