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The Best Podcasts about Watches


We've already searched the web for the The Best Watch Blogs and The Best Watch YouTube Channels. While those have been going on for a while, watch podcasts are comparatively young. Most of them started between 2016 and 2018 – some reach an audience of tens of thousands of listeners - others remain a niche for those in the know - quite a few retired. In general, podcasts have become more and more popular as they are purely audio, so you can listen to them while commuting, exercising or for those who can multi-task, even during work.

We have collected a few of them and provide some guidance to choose the best fit for you. They are listed in an alphabetical order. Depending on which platform you are browsing, you might find it easier to search for the podcast on your favorite podcast player:

Across timezones

across timezones best podcasts about watches

Across two time zones (Munich - San Francisco), Max and OT ran a very entertaining podcast. It was a tradition that besides the obligatory Wrist Check, the exact time in their respective time zone was presented, including the guest. Unfortunately, the podcast went into early retirement in mid-July 2019 - but the 16 episodes are timeless, and the discussions with watch bloggers, photographers, watchmakers and collectors are exciting, funny and uncensored. Both hosts are still passionate watch enthusiasts and keep their Instagram accounts under @theblackdial and @ranxoren.

Fratello On Air

fratello on air best podcasts about watches

Since 2019, the team of Fratello Watches also features audio watch content. If you like their online magazine, you will love their podcast. Besides interesting interviews and discussions, the blogs favorite, Omega, also get a fair share of their content. The mix is nevertheless informative and should not be missing in any watch podcast collection.

Keeping Time with Oster Watches

keeping time with oster best podcasts about watches

Jeremy Oster has been in the watch and jewelry industry for 25 years, mainly with his own business. Now some might think that a podcast from a jeweler can only be massive self-promotion. Far from it: Oster has a heart not only for luxury brands, but also for independent brands that make extremely interesting watches. These include Bernard Favre, Bremont, Emmanuel Bouchet, Giuliano Mazzuoli and many more. And the best thing is, most of those brands CEO’s are contributing to the channel. In this way, interesting conversations come about that provide an interesting insight into the industry.


love n watches best podcasts about watches

When two people come together out of love, it is not uncommon for shared passions to arise. This is also the case with RanchRacer (RR) and PerpetualGirl (PG) - they are the podcasters behind Love N' Watches. Then the name makes sense, especially since the topics are great and touch on some things that more commercially oriented podcasts don't have.

No BS watchmaker

no bs watchmaker best podcasts about watches

Anthony is a Swiss, Rolex, Breitling, Omega, and Jaegar Le-Coultre trained Horologist and author of the book „100+ No BS Watch Tips”. His podcast is straight-shooting, short, and fun insider info on watches, watchmaking, and the watch industry. The insights are from the perspective of a professional watchmaker and therefore refreshingly different from the contents of many other podcasts.

Roldorf Café

roldolf cafe best podcasts about watches

Jason and Howie are two watchmakers based in Vancouver. They take a light-hearted look into independent watchmaking, with a carefree, fun attitude to both watches and those who collect them. They don’t stick to a regular schedule, and their episodes are rather short with just about 30-45 minutes, which might be appealing for those who just want to tune in occasionally.

Scottish Watches

scottish watches best podcasts about watches

As similar their names and Scottish accents might sound, Rick and Rikki’s lives couldn’t be different. In a recent interview in the New York Times, Rikki mentioned they’re „chalk and cheese”, and “Rick has a family business, a wife, two children; he’s in the church band. I D.J.; I’ve got a motorcycle. I’m young, free and single. We sat down and talked, and it was yin and yang. I said, ‘We should do a podcast.’“ Their YouTube channel allows them to show their watch reviews in video, while their podcast is a passionate, very honest and entertaining conversation among two watch enthusiasts. If they don’t like a watch, they will share it, even if they wouldn’t agree with each others. While it’s „just“ them two in most of the episodes, some include guests from the industry or channel friends such as The Kats from Tenn and Two or Jody from JOMW.

Superlative (A Blog To Watch)

Sounds familiar? Yes, Ariel Adams is one of the very first bloggers who wrote about watches - and now also talks about them. The podcast can be accessed through their YouTube channel, where they also review some watches. Topics are as diverse as the blog itself, and due to Ariel’s influence, he gets to talk to and interview some of the most known personalities in the industry.

The Grey Nato

thegreynato best podcasts about watches

Here, two accomplished journalists talk about everything that is fun: watches, cars, photography, and other adventures. Now part of Hodinkee, James Stacey and Jason Heaton are the two masterminds, and both of them have been dealing with watches for a long time. The episodes are well structured, almost like a magazine. This is a top rated podcast for anyone with an interest in watches, gear and adventure.


time4apint best podcasts about watches

Chris Mann is a Londoner and fascinated by watches from early on. When his parents wanted to buy him a watch for his 21st birthday, it had to be an Omega. Being an active member on Omega Forums, he initiated a first get-together in 2016 and a couple of watch nerds met for a beer and talked watches. This turned out to be a monthly gathering, and the physical meet-ups growing, Chris decided to give it a go with a podcast to share time4Apint with a wider audience. Due to the incredible amount of work behind running a weekly podcast (according to Chris, each episode takes about 3 full working days), the podcast is discontinued, however the physical meet ups continue to be very popular.

Two Broke Watch Snobs

two broke watch snobs best podcasts about watches

This podcast feels like listening to two watch dudes talking about their favorite hobby in a bar after work. Althought it’s pretty nerdy, it’s a great podcast to learn about watches when you’re new to the hobby. Kaz and Michael are young, fun and don’t mince their words. They talk about all sort of watches, but focus on what’s horologically-affordable, unique, well designed and visually appealing.


uhrtalk best podcasts about watches

This is the only German speaking watch podcast that we know of, and it’s been around for just a couple of months. Chris, Joel, Lucas and Raf all connect the love for watches, which doesn’t mean they necessarily agree with each other when talking about them. Different backgrounds and preferences, but also guests and buying tips make this an interesting, still developing podcast for German speaking watch enthusiasts.

Worn & Wound

worn wound best podcasts about watches

Worn&Wound share their huge knowledge and expertise about affordable wrist watches in their blog, youtube channel and the podcast. They also organize watch fairs and are authorized dealers of some of the brands they write and talk about. Besides weekly contributions, monthly episodes allow to recap for those who don’t listen to all their episodes. Those come in great detail without the banter and rambling of many other podcasts. Founders Zach and Blake talk watches and answer questions from followers with associate and contributing editors as well as industry experts and brand owners.

Wrist Enthusiast Radio

wrist enthusiast radio

The Wristenthusiast's Instagram serves as an excellent resource for discovering the wristwear choices of celebrities, whether on set or in their private lives. Have you ever noticed Idris Elba sporting a Brew watch? Or Walter White in Breaking Bad with his own distinctive timepiece? Craig, the mastermind behind the platform, curates some of the finest "Best of" guides, allowing you to explore new watches tailored to your preferred price range, color, style, or brand. In their podcast, Craig teams up with Travis and Adrian to delve into a wide spectrum of topics, ranging from micros to Mosers. With most episodes clocking in at just 30 minutes, it's the perfect companion for a commute or a quick listen during lunch breaks.

Final words...

No enough? The Watchhunter Andrew Hughes features in-depth reviews of most of the above mentioned Podcasts: Also, the New York Times has recently published an article with the most popular watch podcasts:

We’d like to thank you for numerous feedbacks and comments on our previous blogpost about YouTube and would be very excited and curious to read which watch podcasts you enjoy listening to. Some of you already asked us if we can do a similar series about watch related Instagram accounts worth to follow… stay tuned.