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The Best Blogs about Watches to Follow in 2020


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Part 1: Watch Blogs

Part 2: Watch YouTube Channels

Part 3: Watch Podcasts

What began as a diary on the Internet has long been regarded as a vital source of knowledge on a wide variety of topics. In most areas, there are now more blogs than classic print magazines. When something is created out of passion, most of the times it becomes really good – certainly better than profit-driven projects. While most of the listed blogs indeed started as a hobby, some grew to a business which allows their founder and editors to make a living of it. Watch brands have long realized the importance of collaborating with watch bloggers, as their posts frequently rank on top of Google searches. Besides free watches for hands-on reviews, some bloggers accept paid posts, ad banners or in extreme cases even promise to feature brands in their popular „Best of” lists if compensated. Quite recently, it has become more popular that bloggers also act as intermediaries, in which cases they earn commissions on the same watches or accessories they also review. Turning a hobby into a side hustle or even a full-time business is what many of us dream of, but it also bears the risk of being no longer neutral in one’s honest opinion and selection of content.

We have listed a selection of watch blogs in different languages; some of the major ones, but also some niche blogs. This is by no means a complete list and we’d be excited to hear from you in the comment section, which other watch blogs you currently enjoy reading.

The big players – for those who want to find everything in one blog:


Let's start with Fratellowatches, a blog based in the Netherlands and founded by Robert-Jan Broer, a fan of the Omega brand himself and especially the Speedmaster. He is the inventor of the hashtag and the associated day, the #SpeedyTuesday on Instagram. Omega and the other brands of the Swatch Group are strongly represented and produce their own limited editions together with Fratellowatches. The team has learned the most important basics for the professionalization of a publishing business while being part of the Ebner Media Group (publisher of both online and print magazines such as Chronos, Watchtime, Uhren Magazin, Klassik Uhren and watch-insider). In 2018 the founding team bought the blog back. The content is interesting, the picture material is absolutely high-quality and gives an excellent impression of the watches. At events like BaselWorld, the team around Robert-Jan Broer is always in the front rows. Content that is sold for money, for example their featured „Watch of the Week“ or “Brand of the Month” are marked as "Partner Content".

Monochrome Watches

Monochrome Watches, founded by Frank Geelen, also has its origin in the Netherlands. The editorial focus is more on upscale watchmaking - the advertising banners already show this. Apart from that, you can also discover numerous watches on Monochrome, which are rather unusual and sometimes also offer extremely interesting complications. The price tag, however, is usually completely outside the normal watch budget. But also vintage watches and the one or other handpicked microbrand can be found on Monochrome - with high-quality images and well-written content. Paid articles seem not to be clearly marked.


Since 2008, Hodinkee, based in NY and founded by Benjamin Clymer, has enriched the watch market. Today, a whole team of editors writes about a range of watch topics. Hodinkee also publishes books, guides and even their own magazine. Lifestyle is not neglected, as is an interesting mixture of haute horlogerie and microbrands. Hodinkee is also an authorized retailer for brands such as BVLGARI, Ressence, Urwerk and others. As one of the few blogs, Hodinkee has also succeeded in placing content in leading print publications, such as in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Esquire and GQ.


The real "big player" is aBlogtoWatch, founded by LA based Arial Adams. This blog covers the entire spectrum of the watch market. Their wrist time reviews are honest. Special attention should be paid to the watch industry news, which are well-researched and show how close the team is to the whole industry. Also, their featured articles, many written by Ariel himself, hit the nerve of time. The contents are written in high quality, as well as the graphical material, which is almost exclusively produced by aBlogtoWatch. An own merchandising shop offers T-shirts and other goodies. Paid content is clearly market as “SPONSOREDPOST”.


You will find a good mix of tests and reviews of value driven watches, as well as industry news and an affiliated shop for accessories and watches. Worn&Wound also organizes the WindUp watch fairs, which quickly became the largest public watch show in the US. You will mostly discover brands that are not commonly found at a jeweler, and it’s not unusual to meet the brands owner directly at the booth. The original show is taking place in New York, while they add additional location such as San Francisco and Chicago.

The upper class – for those who enjoy reading about Haute Horlogerie


Elizabeth Doerr and Ian Skellern are the two creators of Quill&Pad. Elizabeth Doerr was born in the US and now lives in southern Germany, while Ian Skellern, Australian by birth, now lives in Switzerland. Both of them and the entire blog team are among the world's most distinguished watch experts, although Quill&Pad is also more concerned with the brands of Haute Horlogerie. Quill&Pad is at the forefront of events in the watch industry, so the information and reports are always up-to-date and of very high quality.


Gisbert Brunner is almost a legend in the watch industry. He has made a name for himself over decades as an author, collector and expert. And so is the concentrated expertise of his blog. From background stories of the great watch dynasties to new watch introductions, the repertoire even includes vintage stories about old watches and their works. You can learn a lot and also learn to appreciate the value of old watches. In Knowledge & Technology you can find comprehensive information on materials of the movements up to rare insights into factories like Rolex. Concerning the content, this blog is one of the best in German language. Especially since Gisbert Brunner also cultivates intensive acquaintanceships with the people in the industry and many quotes from well-known watchmakers can be found here!

Specialty Blogs – for those who know what they want



A top blog for everything concerning dive watches is DiveIntoWatches, the blog of Roger Ruegger. Born in Switzerland, he lives in New York where he is editor-in-chief of Watchtime USA magazine. He already ran his blog before, and fortunately he is continuing it. The content is excellent, and so are the pictures, but - as the name suggests: If you're looking for a Dresswatch here, you're out of place. 100 percent of the watches shown are made for diving. Good pictures go hand in hand with excellent editorial content, and you won't find any advertising banners.

Watches & Art

If you are into Vintage watches, or want to learn more about the origins or trade of them, this might be your best bet. Boris Pjanic collects vintage watches since many years, primarily pieces from Rolex and Omega. With all his experience and passion for vintage watches, he started his own business selling vintage watches, and shares his knowledge in this blog. 

Microbrand Blogs – for enthusiasts who look for unique watches on a budget

The Time Bum

If you are looking for information about microbrands and watches for small budgets, this is the right place. Loren Sciurba founded the blog in 2013, Mike Razak supports it as co-author. The selection of brands that are reviewed here is large and sometimes surprising. There are more interesting watch brands hidden in the world than you might think!


Chrononautix is the blog of Mario Reinsch, born in 1984 and a true freelance watch blogger. Since the end of his studies he works as "office chair acrobat in a medium-sized company in the field of factory automation". This makes his blog a purely private and independent project. With the currently highest number of visitors, he holds first place of the watch bloggers in the German-speaking countries. The selection of his topics is good and careful. It clearly shows the collector with heart and love for watches. The mix is good and covers not only buying advice but also areas such as shortening bracelets. Background information such as the secret of private label watches is found in the content, spiced up with very good images and valuable insights into the industry. Mario Reinsch is also a welcome guest at trade fairs and immediately shares his insights. Although his contributions are sometimes very text-heavy, they are comprehensive and informative. Friends of small brands will also find more than enough here!


Now it's getting a little difficult... On the one hand, I'm working for Formex as an independent blogger, but I also run my own watch blog with Watchthusiast since 2015. As a reminder: My name is Thomas Gronenthal, and I have been writing for the UHREN MAGAZIN, Chronos and Watchtime Middle East, India and USA for more than ten years. My personal impulse for blogging was the undeniable influence of advertisers on the choice of topics in the magazine editorial offices. The love for watches has been part of my life since I was 12 years old - so it's a good basis for blogging. Important to say is that every text I write about watches is actually a hobby. My main job is still my PR-agency, which deals more with IT topics. Maybe one day I will land with both feet in the watch industry! Accordingly, however, there is no advertising at Watchthusiast, and all contributions are honest, the footage is created to the best of my ability.

For watch nerds only!

Tempus Fugit

James Henderson is no stranger to the watch industry. As a specialist author in various magazines, he enjoys a good reputation - as a trained teacher who later turned to the watch industry and remained rooted there. He also helps some watch brands in their PR and marketing. Interesting is also the link list to all watch brands - including some unknown ones that are worth discovering. Tempus Fugit is thus one of the blogs that still comes along most originally - without advertising and with a template that has been constant since 2013.


The Naked Watchmaker

This is one of the best sources for watchmaking knowledge on the net. The founder is no stranger: Peter Speake-Marin, also founder of the watch brand Speake-Marin. The special thing about him is that he is a watchmaker and can therefore generate content that hardly anyone can imitate. This includes the Decons – deconstructions, where he disassembles watches and produces high-resolution macro images. There is no better way to show watchmaking art! In addition, there are interviews with industry experts, and numerous articles on the topic of the production of watch parts. Whether main springs or guilloches: here you can learn vividly how works of art in timekeeping technology are created.

Herr Stohms Uhrsachen

This is the blog of watch enthusiast Bernhard Strohm, born in 1962 and a communication designer and professional marketing consultant. The relationship to marketing is also evident in the content, especially since Mr. Strohm also sells his own books on the subject of watch collecting and has an affiliated shop with vintage watches and matching leather straps. The articles are characterized by excellent pictures and a healthy dose of irony, almost always they are more about certain watch models or topics around the watch and collecting. Unfortunately, there are fewer watch tests and reviews. Especially interesting are articles like the right tools for watch collectors and also the list of watch workshops you can trust with your favorite chronometer is very helpful.

Business Montres

Only those who speak French will be happy here. As a reward, there is very good and colorful information about the watch world. Colorful is meant seriously: it is comic-style. However, for most of the content, a paid subscription is required.


Other Blogs we recommend checking out:


Behind Zeigr is PR consultant and copywriter Theodossios Theodoridis, born in 1972, who also attaches great importance to an independent blog with content, test watches and cooperations selected by himself. He is a collector himself and began his watch career with a Buler Grand Prix. Since then, the passion has not let him go. That's why news, reviews, market overviews and personal assessments of current trends in the watch world are essential at Zeigr. Vintage watches are not neglected. The writing is journalistic and the pictures are excellent. The content is presented honestly, and the one or other ironic twist can also be found. The reporting on the decisive watch world fairs is also of high quality and sets a benchmark in the entire environment. It is also worth mentioning that Theo von Zeigr has his own top-quality leather straps manufactured and distributed through his shop.

Time + Tide

Time + Tide is based in Australia. The still quite young blog was founded by Felix Scholz in 2014 and has a small team today. Before his own blog, Scholz wrote content for publications like Hodinkee and REVOLUTION. The selection of topics is colorful and rather lifestyle-oriented. In addition, there is an extensive shop where customers can browse in different categories like Entry, Complicated and Rare&Limited. Discounts are available for members of the club.

Professional Watches

This blog is based in the US and offers a colorful mix of reviews and news. Watches of all kinds are tested - from the robust Casio for outdoor use to microbrands or brands like Maurice Lacroix and Seiko. Especially interesting is the top edited Caliber Guide, which presents movements of most manufacturers with excellent pictures and some characteristics. An attached glossary offers an overview of the English technical terms of the watch industry.

Neue Uhren

This website, operated by Hans Hörl, is less a blog with its own reviews, but rather a collection of the press texts and publications of the manufacturers and relevant industry news. In addition, however, there is an extensive knowledge section on technical terms from the watch world, tips on watch books and also the dates of watch fairs taking place. Here, watch enthusiasts can quickly and comprehensively inform themselves about important topics. In the shopping area you will find links to manufacturers and also to sales platforms for watches on the Internet.


David blogs bilingually from Berlin: German and English. His contents are his own productions. The repertoire of reviews is extensive and in all price. As one of the few watch bloggers, he also deals with watches for her - which even have their own section on his website. Also interesting are his interviews with selected personalities of the watch industry. In the shop, he offers linked affiliate offers from rather smaller manufacturers. What stands out is the very professional and high quality watch photography, which is completely done by David himself - chapeau!


This blog is run by Thomas Wanka - the longtime editor-in-chief of the watch magazine. He collects content about new models and events from the watch industry, but does not present his own reviews. Accordingly, his image material is taken from the PR departments of companies. Those who want to get a quick overview of new models should definitely take a look at Tom Wanka's blog from time to time.

As we enjoyed compiling this list of blogs for you, we know that there are more interesting watch blogs out there that we might not even have discovered yet. We would be excited to hear from you in the comment section, which other watch blogs you currently enjoy reading.

In part 2, we screen YouTube for the best Watch YouTube channels for those who enjoy video content over reading. Stay tuned and sign up to our Newsletter to get our latest news and stories straight to your inbox. Sign up here!