Formex Essence 39mm Space Gold Chronometer


Formex Swiss Made Watches unveils the new Essence Space Gold Automatic timepieces.

The application of 18k rose gold onto a real meteorite dial is a groundbreaking development from the brand’s family-owned dial manufacture. While coloring meteorite is not a new concept, Formex diverge from the conventional PVD coating approach. Instead, an innovative process leverages the meteorite’s rich iron content to facilitate authentic gold deposition through electroplating.
The outcome? Nothing short of spectacular.

The infusion of precious metal accentuates the mesmerizing Widmanstätten pattern inherent in the Muonionalusta meteorite, imbuing each dial with captivating depth and an undeniable touch of elegance. Since the textures are organic and cannot be artificially reproduced, each dial truly becomes a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Encapsulated in the brand’s bestselling Essence 39 mm case, the “Space Gold” is powered by a highly precise COSC-certified Swiss Automatic movement and comes with features that enhance comfort while wearing the watch on the wrist.
The first 100 units are numbered and available for pre-order now, with delivery scheduled for early July 2024.