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The Best Youtube Channels about Watches


In the first part of our series about watch-knowledge sources, we explored the world of watch blogs. Especially for reviews, the video format offers an important advantage - because this way a watch can be discovered in action and in moving pictures. LIVE streaming is also becoming increasingly popular, with viewers being able to actively participate and interact with the presenter in real time via the chat function.

YouTube is the most popular platform for this and we realized that the more we were looking for watch channels, the more we found! In fact, there is a veritable wealth of channels dealing with all aspects of wrist watches. From reviews and interviews to complete revisions in front of the camera, the watch lover will find everything his heart desires. This list is not complete, so please add any further watch channels that you enjoy watching in the comment section below. The channels are listed alphabetically:

24h at a time best youtube channels about watches - 24h at a time

Oleg and a dog - Mr. Bond is the mascot of 24 Hours at a Time, and a certain penchant for sporty watches - preferably with diving bezels - mark the contents of this channel. The videos are authentic and hands-on, the watches discussed show practically everything the watch world has to offer: From vintage to Rolex to micro-brands, which are also suitable for the smaller wallet.

best youtube channels about watches - Archieluxury and

Archieluxury uploaded videos to Youtube at a time when the platform was a completely different place. His earliest videos in 2009 were instructions on how to recognize a fake Louis Vuitton bag. He was polite, he was knowledgeable, and he was one of the first of his kind. But that's not necessarily why Archie became famous. He alternated between the persona of Paul Pluta, a well-mannered lover of luxury, and Archibald Chesterfield III, also a lover of luxury but not nearly as well-mannered, and began to develop an iconic style that would show the awareness of the enormous snobbery in the industry. ATTENTION: Archie doesn't mince his words and the language is anything but child-friendly...

Average Bros
best youtube channels about watches - Average Bros

Although the Average Bros focus on watches, you can discover other gear like knives and pens on their channel. The watch reviews are honest and authentic and focus on quality micro brands and other smaller brands at an affordable price.

Bark & Jack
best youtube channels about watches - Bark & Jack

Adrian Laurence McDonald Barker started Bark & Jack in 2017 and called it "Drink coffee & talk watches". Adrian's videos are authentic, spiced with profound British humor and above all, they are honest. The videos also feature smaller brands and topics that are not directly related to watches. So if you are looking for an attractive mix of watch, lifestyle and tips, this is the place to go.

Bruce Williams
best youtube channels about watches - Bruce Williams

Besides the watch reviews, his comparisons of two different watches are very interesting. Even niche brands are discussed, the close-ups of the watches are of high quality and real wearing scenes of the models help in making one's own decision.

El Relojero
best youtube channels about watches - El Relojero

Although active on YouTube less than 2 years, this seems to be the largest channel for watch reviews in the Spanish language on YouTube. A new video is added every week. Some microbrands as well as the mainstream brands can be found here, with a focus on watches up to 500 Euros, quartz as well as mechanical. Beside reviews you can also find some educational videos.

best youtube channels about watches - Federhaus

A German micro channel from a watch friend for watch friends. Alexander tests watches, which he either receives as a loaner, or looks at them directly on site at a jeweler. The reviews are very authentic and detailed, the channel small but excellent. In the online store you can find clothing for the Watch geek.

Federico Talks Watches
best youtube channels about watches - Federico Talks Watches

Federico Iossa founded Federico Talks Watches in 2012 and has been discussing watches ever since. After positions at Wempe, Cartier and Tourneau, he worked for Piaget. Together with John Pietrasz (own YouTube channel ) Fed operates the site for pre-owned watches. Impressive is also his video, where he calls on other youtubers to communicate so called "sponsored content" transparently, i.e. if a reviewer receives the watch for free from the manufacturer and is allowed to keep it, he should say so in his review. There are some youtubers who earn their money with sponsored articles by selling them again after the review, or receive money directly from the manufacturer. This is absolutely ok, as long as the reviews are still honest and this is declared to the viewers. We agree with Fed 100%.

best youtube channels about watches - Flomp89

Flomp89 is Florian Bach, who, in addition to Rolex and vintage watches, also talks about Microbrands. His reviews go into the interesting details of the brands and watches, the focus is also on the mix between style and watch. Trade fair visits, factory visits and interviews round off the program additionally. Almost 3,000 viewers are already following Florian. An insider tip among watch connoisseurs in the German-speaking world. Recently he has also created his own blog.

Horology Story
best youtube channels about watches - Horology Story

Horology Story is the YouTube channel of, a microbrand store in Indonesia. Since microbrands are not yet widespread in Indonesia, timeindo's team presents their watches on the channel, in local language and English subtitles. The fact that the watches are also sold here carries the danger that the reviews are not quite authentic - but that doesn't have to be the case. Great are the musical interludes, which can be found in almost every video.

Just One More Watch
best youtube channels about watches - Just One More Watch

470 videos, more than 130,000 subscribers - and a name that every watch collector knows from personal experience: Just One More. Jody Musgrove was born in Scotland, but lives in Australia. His focus is on watches that everyone can afford - even watches from China and the price range below 100 Euros are discussed here. Jody’s reviews are entertaining, down to earth and very honest. Thumbs up for the thrifty Scotsman in Australia!

best youtube channels about watches - KeepTheTime

Keepthetime is one of the longest established channels for watches and has been in existence since 2008. They proclaim to have the most objective watch reviews in the world, and let the watches do the talking. Indeed, there are no words spoken, but high-def close ups which show every single detail of the watch. Also, their photography on their online store is top notch.

Long Island Watch
best youtube channels about watches - Long Island Watch

For founder Marc, a hobby has long since become a profession. Long Island Watch is located in, no surprise, Long Island, New York. Marc also has his own watch line, which he sells alongside products from other brands, including Formex watches. His reviews are honest and good, and the 120,000 subscribers appreciate that. The videos have already had almost 30 million views, putting Mark in the top league of watch channels on YouTube. His episodes "Watch and Learn" are great - here you can learn EVERYTHING about watches!

Page & Cooper TV

best youtube channels about watches - Page & Cooper TV

Page&Cooper TV is the YouTube channel of the British online watch retailer Page&Cooper. Owner Jonathan Bordell talks about the watches in his collection, interviews their manufacturers, shares his views on the watch market and talks to other watch enthusiasts like Armand from The Watch Chronicler.

best youtube channels about watches - PerthWAtch

Objective and unbiased, these are the keywords of PerthWAtch, and this is exactly how an independent watch blog from a watch enthusiast should be. Ivan from, who would have thought it, Perth in Australia, has a very varied selection of topics, says it when he doesn't like something, and is quite creative when it comes to the titles of his videos.

Random Rob
best youtube channels about watches - Random Rob

Random Rob has a relaxed style and a preference for a variety of watches, from G-Shocks to Seikos and some Swiss brands... Rob is certainly random. To the nearly 34,000 subscribers, the watches are more important than long intros or other movie stuff - the mix is right and the presentation is pleasantly calm.

Take Time with Patrick Marlett
best youtube channels about watches - Take Time with Patrick Marlett

In TakeTime, Patrick Marlett takes a look at watches that might otherwise run under the radar - including many microbrands. The channel also takes a look at vintage watches, bracelets or technical details like the perfect fit of an Uncle Seiko steel bracelet. The mix already appeals to more than 13,000 subscribers.

Teddy Baldassarre
best youtube channels about watches - Teddy Baldassarre

In less than two years, Teddy has grown to become one of the largest watch youtubers, with style, a skilful choice of words and a varied selection of watches that are also mostly affordable. The quality of his videos is constantly improving. Interesting are also his interviews with icons like Jean-Claude Biver, or his documentary film about MVMT, where he does not mince his words.

The Casual Watch Reviewer
best youtube channels about watches - The Casual Watch Reviewer

With almost 10,000 subscribers, The Casual Watch Reviewer has an interesting mix of watches in his collection. The spectrum ranges from big brands to Microbrands, quartz or mechanics. In addition, there are exciting interviews, for example with a real Navy pilot and his opinion on pilot's watches. And which YouTuber dares to say why he does NOT like an Omega.

The Slender Wrist
best youtube channels about watches - The Slender Wrist

Do you have a thin wrist (6in, approx. 15cm), but you are a watch enthusiast? The channel of Alessandro could be just right for you. Unique on his channel are also his "How to pronounce" episodes... As a French speaker, he helps all watch fans to pronounce brand names like Ulysse Nardin, Vacheron Constantin or Audemars Piguet correctly.

The Time Teller
best youtube channels about watches - The Time Teller

Jory Goodman is The Time Teller and on the one hand he sells vintage watches, on the other hand he does good reviews and takes watches into his hands that other YouTubers and bloggers might find too cheap or even have a quartz movement. The honest reviews are entertaining; 100,000 regular subscribers agree. Every Saturday there is also a livestream with Q&A, where Jory answers questions from his subscribers in real time.

The Urban Gentry
best youtube channels about watches - The Urban Gentry

This guy must be doing something right with the number of viewers he's got. At the time of writing, there are over 400,000 subscribers. The presenter is a dynamic Brit named TGV aka "the Governor" and has been producing content since 2014. The videos include videos from affordable to luxury watches. Originally the channel was designed for lifestyle topics, but soon the content was taken over by watches.

Theo & Harris
best youtube channels about watches - Theo & Harris

Vintage watch collectors will have no problem spending hours here, and then find what they are looking for on the Online store of the same name. In addition to vintage watches, Christian and Anna will also talk about the latest watches from top luxury brands.
best youtube channels about watches -

Marc André Deschoux runs with its headquarters in Geneva - so to speak in the heart of the Swiss watch industry. In 2011 he was one of the first to see YouTube's importance for the watch industry. The bare figures prove him right: 119,000 subscribers, his videos were viewed almost 30 million times. The content is high-quality, exciting and interesting - but is largely aimed at friends of haute horlogerie. But smaller brands such as Junghans, Moritz Grossmann, or Meister Singer also appear in the reviews. As a connoisseur of the industry, Marc André is able to hold many conversations with important personalities from the world of watchmaking, and he is also always a guest at the decisive events - from Basel to Geneva or at the Dubai Watch Week. Legendary are the "Don't do this at home" videos in which master watchmaker Peter Speake-Marin disassembles famous watches down to the last screw.

best youtube channels about watches - TheWristGuy

TheWristGuy ist Student, Mitte 20, und lebt in Wien. Er ist seit zwei Jahren ein aktiver YouTuber und schaut sich Uhren aller Art an und beschäftigt sich auch mit Themen wie Plagiate oder Vintage-Uhren. Das Publikum kann auch regelmäßig einen Blick in die persönliche Sammlung werfen, die einige interessante Stücke enthält. Diese hat bereits mehr als 8'000 Abonnenten auf ihrem Kanal angezogen!

best youtube channels about watches - Uhrenratgeber

Marcus Finger as the Uhrenratgeber (German for Watch Advisor) is the most popular watch channel on YouTube in German language. He has turned his passion into his profession, runs an online shop next to the channel and also produces his own watch line. In addition to watch tests of big and small brands, do-it-yourself instructions and interviews, there are also live streams and visits to manufactories. Often the videos are recorded directly in the sunroom, which makes it all the more personal. In the "Uhronkels" segment, a group of like-minded people meet and exchange ideas, including at events in which subscribers can also participate.

Watch Chronicler
best youtube channels about watches - Watch Chronicler

Watch Chronicler, also known to some as Armand the Watch Guy, is from Great Britain, and that's what you hear. The pleasant voice, open his videos with “Welcome Watch Enthusiats” is a treat to listen to for a long time, and much can be learned from the knowledge of this young watch enthusiast. In addition to very detailed and extremely well researched watch reviews and best-of videos, his segment "A Month in Watches" is very revealing, with all the latest news and industry news from a month packed into one video.

WatchAddiction Watch Reviews
best youtube channels about watches - WatchAddiction Watch Reviews

Here you will find watch reviews of Microbrands and Kickstarter projects with focus on affordable watches.

best youtube channels about watches - Watchbox

Tim Masso is known as the "Horological Officer" at WatchBox. He can summarize more relevant horological information in one sentence than most, and every single word will be just right. The presentation of the topic is impressive for someone who looks younger than your typical watch expert. Tim Mosso knows his way around and has been an authority on high-end watches for years. The website of the same name is also the largest platform for buying, selling and trading used luxury vintage watches.

Watchfinder & Co.
best youtube channels about watches - Watchfinder & Co.

Being a watch retailer and offering quality content does not have to be mutually exclusive - this is the result of several videos from Watchfinder & Co. in England. The selection of topics is interesting, the research is proper, but tips on investing in watches and individual reviews mostly deal with the crown jewels of the watch brands. More than half a million subscribers and almost 90 million watched videos can't be far off the mark - especially since the channel also deals with topics such as the increasingly better and therefore more dangerous plagiarism.

best youtube channels about watches - WatchGeek

The YouTube channel Watch Geek lives up to its name and rewards its viewers with extra geeky and informative watch reviews that are fun to watch. Moderator Marin Bilandžić is enthusiastic about a wide range of watches from quartz to mechanical watches.

best youtube channels about watches - WatchManiac

Mattia is a watch fan and runs his YouTube channel in Italian. Here he shares watch reviews of some well known brands, as well as some Microbrands.

best youtube channels about watches - WatchReport

WatchReport gives itself the mission statement of real and honest reviews. And this is also true, the spectrum of watches includes mainly smaller brands, design tributes and microbrands with mechanical and quartz movements. More than 12 million views speak for the quality of the videos, which also do without big cuts or other film tricks

best youtube channels about watches - Whatsonthewrist

The contents of this YouTube channel are especially interesting for friends of Microbrands. In addition, Rich has ventured into the organization and implementation of watch events. With the watch show LAmicroLUX in Los Angeles and another one in Chicago, he has already organized two events where manufacturer and end consumer can meet directly.

WIAA - WatchItAllAbout
best youtube channels about watches - WIAA - WatchItAllAbout

Joshua Claire-Flagg from Great Britain wants to get as much watch as possible for his money. According to this motto he chooses his watches and tests them accordingly. The contributions are of high quality. His experience of hundreds of tested watches is passionately shared with other watch enthusiasts, who would also like to pursue their hobby in the form of their own blog or YouTube channel. In his review feed you can find reviews from several different watch review sites, a feature which we have not found on any other page. Last year Josh also organized a watch fair called WatchIt and wants to expand this in more frequent shows in the future.

Final words...

That's all we’ve got?! No, certainly not - because the knowledge on the net is unlimited, and YouTube also has a lot to offer about watches. Countless channels show how revisions are made, how a watch is regulated, and even the manufacturers themselves are at work with some brilliant image channels. In this respect a list can hardly claim to be complete. All the more we would be excited to receive your comments. Which YouTube channels do you follow? Which ones have you possibly discovered through this article? Let us know…

We hope you enjoy the next few hours on YouTube! In the next episode we will be devoting ourselves to watch podcasts.

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