Does Formex offer any Black Friday discounts? Formex


Black Friday has become one of the biggest shopping events of the year, where stores and companies all around the world discount their products and offer what are often considered to be significant savings and mind-blowing deals. However, what people rarely talk about is that if brands are able to offer that much of a discount on Black Friday, then it probably means that they are overcharging during all the other days of the year — and it is exactly for this reason why Formex doesn’t do a Black Friday sale.

At Formex, we are passionate about watches, and we want other fellow collectors and enthusiasts to be able to own our products and wear them in their daily lives. This means we work hard to guarantee that we are offering our customers the absolute best possible prices every single day of the year, and this ultimately doesn’t leave any additional room for further discounts. 

On top of that, we also understand that there is arguably nothing more frustrating than buying a brand-new watch at its full retail price and then immediately seeing the brand discount it within just a few weeks of you making your purchase. Consequently, we guarantee that will never happen to you when you buy a Formex watch, and regardless of whether you make your purchase today, tomorrow, or even on the morning of Black Friday, you can rest assured that you are always getting the best possible price, and that a better deal isn’t going to come along later if you try to hold out and wait to make your purchase. This also includes our trusted partners around the world, who fully support our strict no-discount policy.

As a result of our high quality standards and in-house design, manufacturing and assembly practices, our production capacity is naturally rather limited and we never do things the least expensive way. Additionally, the prices we charge for our products are directly based upon what it costs us to produce them, rather than being artificially inflated numbers that are selected in order for our watches to occupy certain price points. We want everyone who loves Formex watches to be able to own and wear them every single day, and we make an effort to always offer our timepieces at their best possible prices. Although we might not do Black Friday sales, in many ways, you can think of it as though every single day of the year is Black Friday at Formex.

It might not be discounts, but we do offer some perks to our Newsletter subscribers  ( and members of the Formex Watch Club group on Facebook  ( One of the advantages is that you get early access to novelties, 24 hours before they hit the watch press. This is particularly interesting when we launch a new limited edition that usually sell out quick.

If you have any questions, our team is here for you. You can contact us by Email, phone or Live chat at Talk to you soon. Your Team Formex.

(Image by Pistolas Photo | Watch Illuminator)