Formex x Worn & Wound Essence Sector 39 Chronometer


Formex and Worn & Wound Unveil the Essence Sector 39 Chronometer: A Timepiece from Another World

Formex, in collaboration with Worn & Wound, proudly introduces the Essence Sector 39 Chronometer, a watch that transcends time and space. This unique timepiece is not merely a creation of our world; it hails from an alternate timeline where technology evolved differently, shaping a reality both familiar and intriguingly distinct.

The Essence Sector 39 Chronometer invites you to envision a watch from an alternate universe. Its dial, reminiscent of those from the early twentieth century, bears unexpect- ed details that hint at a divergent history. The case, an extraordinary blend of robotic precision and ergonomic design, reflects a world where elegant aesthetics meet tough realities.

Inspired by the worlds of sci-fi films and series, such as Gattaca, Blade Runner, and The Twilight Zone, the Formex x Worn & Wound Essence Sector 39 captures the essence of parallel dimensions. The sector dial, known for its symmetry and concentric array of indices, takes on a new dimension with bold cross-hair lines, a brushed metallic finish, and unexpected colors.

The Essence Sector 39 Chronometer comes in three captivating versions – white and silver with red and black markers, blue and red accented by white, and a sleek dark gray and beige variant. Each version tells a unique story, appealing to different tastes and preferences.

The technologically savvy case of the Essence Sector 39 Chronometer measures an ideal 39mm x 45mm x 10mm, embodying rugged durability and refined elegance. The watch head, like a gimballed pilot's chair, features a spring-mounted central chassis with a patented design for enhanced ergonomics and shock protection.

Powered by a Chronometer grade Swiss Made Sellita SW200-1 Automatic movement, officially certified by COSC, the Essence Sector 39 Chronometer ensures precise time- keeping for those who demand exacting accuracy. The watch comes with a beautifully finished steel bracelet with quick-release spring bars and a micro extension clasp, providing unrivaled versatility.

Limited to just 50 pieces per color, the Formex x Worn & Wound Essence Sector 39 Chronometer is available exclusively at the Windup Watch Shop :

Whether you're a being from an alternate reality or our own, embrace the fusion of function and style with this extraordinary timepiece.