New Formex Try On App allows trying on watches in Augmented Reality on your smartphone


We just launched our new App that breaks through the biggest obstacle of online shopping, namely the inability to try on a product before buying it. We developed the “Formex TryOn” App that uses augmented reality to project a watch on your wrist to give you a feel of real-life size and look of our timepieces.  Try it out!


Pictures and videos only provide a limited imagination of how a watch will look like on the own wrist. Formex Swiss Watches faced this problem and developed an App that uses augmented reality to project a watch on the wrist to give a feel of real-life size and look of their timepieces. The surprisingly realistic looking 3D model follows the wrist movements and thus can be observed from different angles and distances.

It’s no secret that watches exhibited in brick and mortar stores bear high retailer margins in order to cover for staff and store expenses. When Formex CEO Raphael Granito decided last year to go the online only route after 20 years of conventional retail business, it was with a clear goal: to manufacture high quality Swiss Made sports watches at unbeatable prices. He created an award-winning webshop, cut watch prices by half and extended the warranty by a year. Granito explains that “despite the many advantages of buying a watch online, the biggest drawback so far was that customers were not able to try them on. Even though every Formex comes with a 30-day free return policy, we found that people are still hesitant to buy watches without having had them on their wrist. That’s why we came up with the idea for this App.”

The first App version features the three current model lines and lets you change straps and snap pictures of the watches on your wrist. The App is available for free on the AppStore and GooglePlay.

Download the App and try for yourself.

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